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New book on personalized marketing. What is personalization really, what does good look like, and what does it take to succeed? Stuffed with inspiring case stories and useful models! For sale on

New book!
'Hello $FirstName'
Profiting from Personalization

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My story

My name is Rasmus Houlind. Throughout my career I have dealt with digital marketing and customer loyalty. Whether it has been Marketing Automation, Omnichannel Marketing, e-commerce, Content Management or even Influencer Marketing. I am currently the Chief Experience Officer at the Martech company Agillic in addition several board memberships and investments. I also write marketing books and give frequent lectures for both SME networks and companies.


Available both in print and as an audiobook

Succeed with
Omnichannel Marketing!

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My Books
This is what others are saying about 'Make It All About Me'...

'Make It All About Me' is all about business - chock full of practical advice and ideas for using data, analytics and personalization tools to create value, both for customers and for the bottom line.

Read it carefully, because every paragraph offers new insight for the hungry digital marketer!”

Don Peppers,

Author and thought leader, CX Speakers

In the press
Keynotes and motivational talks

If you or your company needs inspiration or maybe even a well-intentioned kick in the behind, don't hesitate to reach out to me. Based on my many years of experience with personalization and omnichannel marketing as both author, speaker and CXO in Agillic, I have developed a series of talks that could be interesting for your crowd.

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