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Keynotes and motivational talks on Personalization and Omnichannel Marketing 

If you or your company needs inspiration or maybe even a well-intentioned kick in the rear, don't hesitate to reach out to me. Based on my many years of experience with personalization, omnichannel marketing and marketing automation as both author, speaker and CXO in Agillic, I have developed a series of lectures that you might find interesting.

The lectures range from the very general about consumer behavior in 2023 to the more in-depth and involving ones on how companies must act on these new premises. The in-depth lectures can include a high degree of involvement of the participants and even prior work with specially developed digital questionnaires.

I am used to giving presentations to both small groups and larger gatherings and speak equally well in Danish and English.


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Typical keynotes & talks

A common language for Omnichannel Marketing

In order to accomplish great things together - such as putting the customer at the center - it is important to speak the same language. The lecture here focuses on creating a common language for the participants so that omnichannel can be collaborated upon efficiently across departments. 

What is omnichannel marketing?

There is widespread confusion about what  omnichannel marketing is. The lecture here gives the participants a clear overview of the meaning of concepts such as omnichannel, multichannel, cross-channel, CRM. 

The threat from Amazon and the international players

Only 6 of the 8 most popular online stores in Denmark are Danish-owned. Danish consumers are increasingly sending gigantic sums of money out of the country and into the pockets of foreign companies. What must Danish companies do to survive the threat from outside? How should physical and digital channels play together to win customer loyalty?

Is omnichannel also for B2B?

The omnichannel wave is rolling over Danish companies. Ambitions are high and there is a lot of talk about consumers' new habits. But what about B2B? Why is omnichannel also a significant factor within B2B and how should the challenge be tackled in relation to both large and small customer bases?


Helle Fabiansen, CEO Cosmetics & Hygiene Industry

'At the cosmetics and hygiene industry's annual meeting, we had the pleasure of being introduced to Rasmus Houlind's insights into the path to success with sales during/after Corona. Our industry has experienced a strong growth in online trade during the Corona lockdown and Rasmus, with his knowledge, put perspective on the acceleration of e-commerce, digital marketing, choice of sales channels, on owning your customers and omnichannel as the answer to it all. An inspiring and perspective-rich lecture"


Jun Rosendahl, CEO of Apotekernes Amba

'Omnichannel and digital marketing is not only important at management level, but also at board level. On the board of Apotekets AMBA, we therefore used Rasmus as a lecturer to create a qualified dialogue on the topics. Rasmus succeeded at UG in conveying both the big picture and which opportunities we as a company can best take advantage of in order to succeed.'


Galimir Georgiev,Global Head of Market & Customer Activation at Henkel

'We tasked Rasmus with doing an inspirational and motivational keynote to supply all marketing employees within the Henkel enterprise to get a common understanding and language about omnichannel. He solved that task 100% and shortly afterwards LinkedIn was buzzing with all the positive feedback!'

Example from big live keynote!

In 2019 I gave a lecture at the German conference DMEXCO in Cologne. My lecture was listened to by approx. 350 participants. See recording from the event below.

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