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Books about Personalization and 
Omnichannel Marketing

Hello $FirstName - Profiting from Personalization

Personalization is one of the biggest buzzwords. According to the research company, 'personalized marketing' is the buzzword that appears most frequently across websites for suppliers of marketing technology.


However, there is a lot of confusion around the term, as several different types of marketing employees use the it - even though they work with very different disciplines within marketing. This often leads to misunderstandings, challenges and lost opportunities. And the possibilities are otherwise good. According to McKinsey, personalization today is something that the consumer demands - and digital companies can refer approx. 25% of their turnover for personalized communication.


Make it all about me! - the book that gives organizations a common language about omnichannel marketing.

'Hello $FirstName' is the book that provides a common definition and model for understanding personalization. A model which works across different marketing disciplines and allows for greater clarity when the individual project is considered and when inspiration is sought for further improvements or for the next project.​

The model is called 'The Bowtie of Personalization' - shaped like a bow or a bowtie. But not a clip version, rather the type you tie yourself. It is just as difficult to succeed with personalization as it is to tie your own bowtie. You have the insights in one hand and the content in the other. And the result should be a beautiful bow / customer experience. A customer experience which is not only free from unnecessary friction, but which is directly pleasant, personal and memorable.

The book's second core model is the Pyramid of Personalization. The front end of the pyramid consists of three maturity levels of a possible scope for each marketing discipline that uses personalization. The back end of the pyramid consists of the organizational disciplines that must be managed to support the personalization journey.

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How mature is your organization for omnichannel marketing?

Learn more about omnichannel marketing in the book 'Make It All About Me'

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Make it all about me! - the book on how to work omnichannel marketing

From a purely marketing perspective, it seems like a good idea to personalize your customer experiences. This means ensuring that the individual customer gets a coherent customer experience regardless of how and when she switches from one communication or sales channel to the other. The word coherent covers that the content, in the form of messages and products she is presented with, is in line with her previous communication and purchase history and aims to develop the customer relationship to the benefit of both her and the business. In practice, however, it can become enormously complex and thus expensive to work effectively with omnichannel marketing. Not all personalization rules and automated communication flows are equally easy to set up and content for smaller customer segments costs extra time and effort to produce. Therefore, a close eye must be kept on the return on investment (ROI) for every effort.

As a marketing manager, you are also incredibly dependent on understanding from and cooperation with other organizational units. Otherwise, the employees in the stores and in customer service do not support the omnichannel customer experience when they meet the customers - or even worse: Otherwise, IT does not help you get the data you need to be able to personalize the customer experience or implement the tools you need. None of the above is possible without the support of top management. Therefore, a common language about omnichannel marketing is needed.


Make it all about me! - the book that gives organizations a common language about omnichannel marketing.

'Make it all about me' gives precisely the reader's organization a common language for omnichannel marketing. The language is rooted in the six disciplines that organizations must master to succeed in omnichannel marketing. And by success I mean 'making the most money possible from happy customers'. 

The six disciplines are gathered in the book's supporting model 'The Omnichannel Hexagon' (English: The Omnichannel Hexagon). Each discipline has  three maturity levels that the reader can mirror his organization and read more about in depth in each associated chapter. In collaboration with the Networked Business Initiative, I have also developed amaturity survey, which companies can use to assess their maturity on the Customer Target Scale by answering a series of questions that fit the book's outline. 


Read more about the customer target disc here.

Read a little more about the creation of the bookhere

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How mature is your organization for omnichannel marketing?

Learn more about omnichannel marketing in the book 'Make It All About Me'

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If it's about me, I'll buy!

'If it's about me, I'll buy! was my first book on omnichannel marketing. The bright reader will have already figured out that it is in Danish and this is of course an advantage for Danish-speaking readers. It is from 2015 and provides an insight into omnichannel marketing based on the knowledge and maturity of organizations in Denmark at the time. At the time of writing, the insights seem a bit dated, but the logic in the Omnichannel Hexagon and many of the issues are largely the same today as they were then. If you are not comfortable reading non-fiction in English and if your organization belongs to the less mature outer edge of the Customer Target Disc, then it is clearly worth a read.You can download it for a meagre DKK 50 on this page.


If it's about me, I'll buy! - from 2015

Will there be more books?

Writing a book is an amazing process. Both fantastically hard and fantastically educational. I'm definitely not done writing books - keep an eye on the blog for updates...!

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