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NOTE: This is the old and original version of my book. It is in Danish - but it is from 2015, so much of the expertise has been updated since then.

Hvis det handler om mig, så køber jeg!

SKU: 0002
  • This is the original Danish version of 'Make it all about me'. It is rather out-dated, as it was written in 2014 - however it can still be used to provide an overview of omnichannel marketing for the uninitiated. The model 'Kundemålskiven' / 'Omnichannel Hexagon' itself was still the backbone of the book. It was the same back then - the companies were just less mature practising it.

  • The book is delivered as a pdf via link in the order confirmation. Refunds are not given for any mistaken purchases or undone purchases.

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